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Immanuel's Mission Statement

Calling people to Jesus Christ and equipping them for service.


Our Church Ministries

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Immanuel's Ministry Values


Today Immanuel Christian Reformed Church is:

• A Christian church strongly rooted in Reformed theology.

• Affiliated with the Christian Reformed denomination, though our membership comprises many different faith traditions.

• Worship oriented, diverse in form, yet expressed through professional presentation, strong Bible-based preaching and teaching, and creative, high-quality musical elements.

• A community of people who are profoundly aware of their humanness; who are open, sincere, and authentic in their faith-lives; and who fellowship with one another in many fashions. We reflect God’s grace through our own brokenness; and we readily and warmly accept and embrace others for whom God’s grace is also intended.

• Multi-generational in membership with an emphasis on families. Children and youth are a priority in the life of the church.


While preserving the best of what we are today, we desire...

• To continually be culturally relevant to our congregation, community, and world, yet not compromising the fundamental truths of God’s gospel for us all.

• To be intentional and directed in our chosen ministries, so that we may best and most effectively use our spiritual gifts and resources for God’s work through us.

• To provide discipleship teaching and training so that all attendees, whether seekers or lifelong believers, can continue to grow towards spiritual maturity through an intentional “life development” process, built on our traditions of Biblical study.

• To become more committed in our service to others, attending to the physical and spiritual needs of those around us, in our local community and the world at large.

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